Airdrie Community Church & Organic Church Network

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What if the church thought, looked, and acted differently? How can we impact the world around us through simple things we can do? Watch the thought provoking video: What If?


Worship Service Meeting at the Airdrie Town and Country Centre

Town and Country Centre
275 Jensen Drive NE
Airdrie, Alberta T4B 1N1

“If you can find us, you are welcome to come!”

 Coffee is served Sundays at 10 AM… music starts at 10:15.

We have expanded! We began meeting in a single home in 2014, over time spread into multiple homes and locations around Airdrie, and settled into Airdrie’s Town and Country Centre in late 2016. Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God and His Kingship in every heart and life. The Church Network is deeply committed to mutual support as we walk out our faith in community.

The church invites you to come visit us to see what we’re up to.


Would you like more information?  Please contact any of our staff pastors. We’d be happy to email or sit down with you as you get to know God and our church. You provide the questions; we will buy the coffee. Untitled